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The Church's #1 Priority: Discipleship!


The Church can seem to have many priorities, but what does the Bible say our #1 Priority should be? Discipleship!...

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Don't Soil Yourself! This is Just Another Article About the Four Soils


What should a Sunday Church gathering look like? How does that relate to Jesus' parable of the four soils? Read more to find out!...

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Only Children, Action Figures, Astrology, Jesus, and the Search for Authentic Community


Most of us are looking for the ideal community? Is it out there?...

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Just Another Whacko Living for Eternity


I really do believe that eternity is real and better than anything we could imagine!...

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How to Identify Bad Cakes and Heresy


In the article entitled "Common Cake Faults: Identifying and Remedying the Problem" by Gordon Bannerman, there are numerous examples of what causes a "bad cake", and how to remedy the problem. It always comes down to recipe imbalance. For example; A cake sunk in the middle may have too much baking powder A cake collapsing at the sides may have too much liquid A cake i...

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My Kids Treat Me Like a Waiter!


I often tell my kids something that goes like this: "This is not a restaurant, and I am not a waiter... This is your home and I'm your Dad." I'll usually say this when I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off and they're sitting somewhere enjoying themselves and barking out orders to me like; "Daaaaaad I need a snack!" "I'm thirsty, get me a drink!" "I wa...

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Corn Syrup is Bad for Your Teeth, and Other Spiritual Insights about Inch Deep Discipleship

Junk Food

What do healthy eating and the organic approach to church have in common?...

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NOT Changing Makes Me Uncomfortable! Musings on My New Couch...


Why laying on a couch and following Jesus should be a good experience....

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