Sunday's are Not the Point

I'm pretty sure if you read any church planting books they won't encourage a strategy of "launch a church and then two weeks later cancel your Sunday Gathering." So when we found out that we would need to cancel our Sunday Gathering on April 10th because of an open house at our host facility (whom we love by the way) I was a little bummed out at first. "Isn't this going to kill momentum?" "Will people come back in two weeks?" "What if someone shows up on Sunday to check us out and no one's there and they never come back" These were all the questions that were running through my head as we made the decision to just not have a gathering on this particular Sunday.

But then I was reminded of something important, Sunday's were never meant to be the point of church anyways. You see, somewhere along the way, I, like so many other people in our western culture have come to identify church with the gathering that takes place (for most churches) on Sunday Morning. We think this is where church happens. But, the Scripture gives us a much larger view of the church than a weekly event. The Church is in fact a people (see 1 Peter 2:9 – 10). As it’s been said before, we don’t go to church, we are the church. We are God’s people. That means church is not just an experience once a week for an hour and a half, but the church is the people of God as they live out God’s purpose in the world. It’s who we are, and that leads us to do what we do. It’s why we are the church when we love each other, and obey Jesus, and serve the world around us. Being the church isn’t about going to something, it’s about being something, namely, God’s people in the world.

So Sunday’s are a part of what we do, it’s where we gather to worship God and keep him at the center of our lives and our community. Sunday’s are good and we enjoy the role they play in who we are as a church. But, it’s ok if we miss one once in a while because even though our gatherings are a part, they aren’t meant to be the point.

We will resume our Sunday Gatherings on April 17th, but we’ll continue being the church in the mean time!

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