DNA Groups & Spiritual Bootcamps

DNA Groups & Spiritual Bootcamps

We invite all people to BECOME full-on followers of Jesus and BUILD His Kingdom through DNA GROUPS and SPIRITUAL BOOTCAMPS.  If people get a "First Glance" of Jesus and the Church through Missional Communities, and a "Second Look" at Jesus and the Church through our Sunday Gatherings, they'd take a "Third Plunge" into following Jesus with everything by plugging into a DNA Group.  Though DNA Groups are the third step of spiritual growth, they're our #1 priority because seeing people be all out Jesus followers is God's ultimate goal for us.  

DNA groups are gender specific small groups of three to five people that:

  • Meet weekly or bi-weekly to:
    • Discover Scripture
    • Nurture each other’s Faith, and
    • Pursue Action together & individually


  • Have a deep level of accountability and transparency
  • Are looking to multiply- we want everyone in Akron and beyond to have this deep relationship with Jesus!

The goal for each of us in a DNA GROUP is to gradually live completely for Jesus in every area of our lives by growing in these rhythms.  

  • SCRIPTURE (The Bible)

We have regular training sessions in these rhythms called "Spiritual Bootcamps", click to learn more.

In relation to the Bootcamps and overall pulse of our community we regularly have people take a Spiritual Rhythms Survey.  Spiritual Health is our highest priority. Haven’t taken the survey? Take it now by clicking here (All responses are anonymous).

Want to join a DNA Group or get in on the next Spiritual Bootcamp?  Email ben.white@thechapel.life.