Missional Communities & Partners

Missional Communities & Partners

We invite all people to BELONG to family through MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES AND PARTNERS.  Missional Communities are anywhere that the Church (God’s people) gathers together as family and engages with those in the culture, inviting people to belong to family sometimes long, or other times shortly before believing in Jesus.  Within missional communities, Jesus followers:

  • Enjoy one another and do life together
  • Celebrate diversity of age, race, gender, background, etc.
  • Actively seek out serving opportunities, and volunteering in community together
  • Create the space for both Jesus followers and Non-Jesus followers to build relationships

We have Missional Communities throughout the greater Akron area.


Our Missional Communities/Partners:


Kenmore Neighborhood MC

The Kenmore Neighborhood MC seeks to engage and serve the local neighborhoods of the Kenmore borough of Akron. They have dinner every Wednesday evening at 6 pm. Email Tim for more information. 

First Glance MC

The First Glance MC seeks to partner, engage and serve the students and families connected to the ministry at First Glance. They have dinners together every Wednesday evening at 5:30 pm. Email Jessica for more information. 

Firestone Park MC

Firestone Park MC seeks to engage and serve the neighborhood of Firestone Park.  They have dinners together every Tuesday evening at 6 pm. Email Daniel for more information.

Music MC

The Music MC is an intentionally non-religious gathering of people- guitarists, bassists, drummers, singers, keyboard players, spoken word and hip hop artists that gather on Thursday nights from 5-7pm to eat food and create freestyle and improvised music. Email Ben for more information.

First Glance

First Glance is a MISSIONAL PARTNER.  We gather at their building on Kenmore Boulevard on Sunday mornings.  Like a Missional Community they’re a gathering of Jesus followers who band together, do life together, celebrate their diversity, and regularly seek to love, serve and non-threateningly share Christ with individuals from age birth through twenty-nine.  They’re always looking for volunteers and givers! Click here to learn more.