Prayer Calendar

June 2022

The truth is all those who believe and trust in Jesus have been sent by God to be ambassadors for God’s Kingdom (John 20:21 & 2 Corinthians 5:20). Some of us are simply sent further to different countries of the world and they need supporters to help fulfill the call from God to be a minister of the Gospel of Christ into the world. Please join us in supporting our Local and Global Outreach ministries and missionaries through prayer.

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Brian & Elizabeth serving in Central Asia -  Please pray for wisdom and guidance during our home assignment in the USA during mid-August as we make plans and meet with our supporters. Pray that our local fellowship in Central Asia would be strong in unity and in following Jesus wholeheartedly. Pray that the clinic where Brian works would be a blessing to many there for the sake of Jesus. Also pray that as Brian sees patents that he would be able to pray with them in Jesus’s name and that would open their hearts to faith in Christ. Pray that God would give Elizabeth strength to do educational therapy for expat students at a local school.  And pray that she has more opportunities to use her skills in education therapy. Pray for encouragement and perseverance for several new team members this year, including one couple who have now been on the field for about 2 months.  Our newest teammates have begun doing their language learning by living with a local family who do not yet know Jesus.  Please pray for our teammates and for the family with which they are staying.

Mozambique Outreach (Director: Michael Boso) - Let’s pray for the upcoming STM team as they prepare to travel to Mozambique. Pray for details surrounding passports, preparations, travel, and effective ministry. We are praying to the Lord for a life-changing experience.


S & A serving in N. Africa – Please pray for a believing family that is in grief. A car accident has resulted with a mother and son having bad injuries and the death of her sister. There are many wounds that still need to heal including emotional ones from the trauma and loss. Please pray for new gatherings to start in the coming weeks. As we see new followers longing for community, we are eager to see them bond to each other and create long lasting relationships and fellowships. Please pray for our family as we begin summer on-the-go. It can be tiring being away from home for 10 weeks but ask that we have endurance to tell the stories of what the Father is doing, encourage others in obedience to the King, connect with extended family, and care for ourselves and our children in this season of constant transition.

Cambodia Outreach – (Director: Kathi Ferris) – Please pray for the children that have started their first year at university this past March.  (The Cambodia school-year calendar is different than here in the U.S.)  They are now living on campus, away from their Asia’s Hope family.  Please pray for their health and safety, for wisdom and motivation to do well in their studies, and to keep Jesus as their focus as they make their own daily decisions as young adults.  Praise God that our Asia’s Hope families remain healthy and now have the freedom to go off campus as many Covid restrictions have been reduced.

India Outreach – (Director: Doug Lauer) – Please pray for all our Indian pastors, their families, and congregations. All the pastors are extremely busy with their congregations with many still meeting in small family groups. The pastors have now been trained as basic health workers to help their congregations through a possible next wave of Covid. Please pray they will have great stamina as they are wearing many hats ministering to the people in their churches. Pray for the monsoon rains to arrive in mid-June to provide relief from the heat and rains to replenish sources of drinking water. We praise God for the pending completion of a building, that has been 10-years in process. Please pray for added resources for a young boy whose life was saved by a community healthcare worker from one of the schools. He would like to transfer to a school that meets through grade 12, to better prepare him to become a healthcare worker when he graduates. Please pray for wisdom for the ministries’ leadership as they lead this ministry throughout all of India during these very difficult days.


Kayleigh Benson (Future Missionary in Japan) – Please continue to pray for Japan as the country continues to open to more countries since being closed because of Covid-19.  Please also continue to pray for me as I study the culture and language online.  Please pray for the Japanese people to be open to hearing about Christ's love for them.

Vietnam Outreach – Pray that God would lead and strengthen the Love Homes (Bible Fellowships) and churches in the northern provinces of Vietnam. Pray that the church planters and pastors would be bold to share the message of Christ in the different villages of three northern provinces. Please pray for the believers to grow in Christ and be steadfast in their faith even in the midst of persecution.

International Outreach – (Director: Stephen Morris) – Pray for strengthened relationships and growth! In the summertime, things slow down a great deal, but ministry and relationships continue. Pray that God would bless the times we have with students as we get ready for another year of ministry.


Gregg & Rawda serving in the Middle East – Pray with us that we would find qualified teachers to fill a few remaining vacancies in the high school staff for next year. Pray for success as we begin the process of seeking accreditation from the Cognia accrediting agency this year. Pray that the Lord would guide us as we consider our options for building a new campus in Hebron.

Nancy Ware serving Refugees in North Akron – Praise God for the volunteers he provided for our summer school that starts June 14. Ask God to use this time to draw students to Himself.  Pray for the Myanmar Community Church led by C.  Ask God to grow the attenders in their relationship with Christ and that more will come to church. Pray that God will use our women's Bible study for His glory.

Yucatan Outreach – Please pray that God leads the Chapel Akron High School STM team who will go and serve June 13-20 with our partners, Mission House.  Pray that God would give the students opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ and they would be strengthened to do whatever God calls them to do. Please continue to pray for God to raise up more devoted leaders to serve with the Mission House to make disciples of Christ in the Yucatan.  Also pray that God would empower the 7 churches to grow and be a light for Jesus in the 7 different villages.