Small Group Rhythms

Our small groups are devoted to their mission as disciples of Jesus Christ to go out and make disciples. You could say they are communities of disciples with a mission of making disciples.
Ben White | February 24, 2020 | Kenmore

Small Group Rhythms

These rhythms are the ways we regularly live out our identity in Christ together as small groups.

Family Meals
Family meals are small group gatherings where we come together and engage one another as a family. We eat together, pray together, learn from one another, and simply be together. It's a warm and safe place where seekers and new disciples are welcome.

Missional Space
This is where our small groups seek to authentically love and serve a particular pocket of people, in hope of sharing the Gospel and seeing disciples made. Mission is about who, not what, and so each community engages a network of relationships, such as those found in a neighborhood, school, bar, local ministry partner, etc.

DNA Groups
DNA groups are intimate (2 - 4) gender-specific discipleship groups that focus on nurturing and growing your relationship with Christ through personal accountability and relational engagement with Scripture and prayer. This is a space where you can dig deep into each other’s lives and into the Scripture for personal growth.

Sunday Gathering
We gather together as a whole community on Sundays for corporate worship and the building up of the church for God’s purposes. Sundays focus on worship involving the preaching of The Word, singing, prayer, and the fellowship of God’s people. We do this together as a community. Regular weekly worship helps us to keep God at the center of our lives and our community.

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