The Mission of The Chapel

The Mission of The Chapel

The Chapel is committed to seeing every person Believing in Jesus, Belonging to Family, Becoming a Disciple, and Building His Kingdom.

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The Mission of The Chapel Kenmore

The Chapel Kenmore summarizes the mission of The Chapel in the following phrase…we seek to make disciples who make disciples. In short, we want the four values of The Chapel’s Mission to be lived out in people who are able to reproduce those values in others. We do this through our vision of Missional Communities.

A Missional Community is a family of missionary disciples sent out to make disciples. Missional Communities seek to live out the mission of The Chapel as they operate around rhythms that are strategically connected to the values of our mission, all with the intention of disciple-making.

Believing in Jesus (Gospel)– Every Missional Community is built on the centrality of The Gospel. It is believing in Jesus which saves us and brings us into right relationship with God, one another, and the world around us.

Belonging to Family (Family)– Missional Communities seek to develop communities of Christians who live and love as a family of brothers and sisters with God as their Father.

Becoming a Disciple (Disciples)– Missional Communities seek to develop Christians as Disciples who follow Jesus as their Savior and Lord

Building His Kingdom (Missionaries)– Missional Communities seek to expand God’s Kingdom by living as a missionary community that bears witness to The Gospel to a specific group of people

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